Animals: True Art for the Heart!

Just recently, I was humbled to have a wonderful artist graciously do a portrait of me and my dog, Maui.  It got me thinking about how animals are true “art for the heart”.  I absolutely consider the face of a beautiful horse to be true art, as are a group of puppies and kittens, or pictures of you playing and being incrediblyhappy with your pets. It is amazing all the different mediums and choices an artist can use to give you such emotion from what you see on the canvas, or the sculpture.  The amazing feeling that they give you in your heart, forever, is priceless.

For the portrait I was given, it was the wonderful color and expression through the simplicity of the line that got me immediately. I remember that day and time like it was yesterday and the happiness this enduring art has given me is priceless. The artist’s name is Nittaya Namrung (Nittra, for short) She is from Thailand (the wonder of the internet, bringing animals lovers together!) and she is actually in school for Molecular Biology, but she apparently is great at art, too. Her online site is: She uses watercolor and digital portraits for her mediums and I have to say, I LOVE what she gave me. Thanks, Nittra!

Interested in some other animal art that you might want to get done for yourself, or art you can fin of animals in general?  There are literally thousands of websites and options out there to get your fill of animal art.  Getting a sculpture done, or getting a commissioned portrait of you, your family and your pets is just as easy.  Simply surfing the web, you can come up with endless options to get exactly the medium, size, etc. you desire.

If you want to get your custom pet portrait painting” from Nittra, check out these sites to learn more about her and how you can get one of your own beautiful designs: and at Etsy:

EACH time you look at that painting, graphic art, or sculpture, your eyes will fill with tears because of the priceless treasure that you now have.  Animals are true “Art for the Heart”…

ANIMALS: They Break Barriers


Have you ever noticed that all animals can bring on friendships and make even the most introverted people more open?  All animals, pretty much regardless of species, can bring that out in a human.

This is one of my favorite qualities of animals.  All animals enable you to open up yourself to others and to open up yourself to animals in a way that many people just CAN’T with other people.  They simply make things better.  I mean, dogs are used as service animals to comfort as one of their tasks.  They use dogs because other people simply can’t bring that out in another human…but dogs can!

This is how they break barriers.  Even the shiest kid, or adult can open up and become more socialized when there are animals around.  I used the picture of me competing years ago on Cocoa, the Wonder Pony.  I was waiting for my turn to start and hanging out in the shade and the young girls just couldn’t resist.  Soon enough, Cocoa and I had ourselves some new friends!  When humans see something cute and furry, their world suddenly opens up, which allows for people to do the same.

What is it about animals that does this for us?  Is it because they are furry and comfy looking?  Perhaps it is that they DON’T speak, making us feel at ease about not having to start a conversation.  Maybe it is the way they look at us, really LOOK AT US in a comfortable, “I see you” kind of way, making us feel like everything is going to be ok.   I mean, just petting cats and dogs is supposed to lower blood pressure because they DO calm people and reassure.  How cool is that?

Modern medicine should be writing prescriptions for “animal petting as medications” to cure our problems instead of taking all these freaky, major side-effect medications that the world seems to be addicted to anymore!! Think about it, even though animals are addictive, it’s a “good” addiction that won’t cause you to sell everything you own and live on the streets, trying to score a “petting fix”! LOL I don’t know what it is about all animals that gives us even better feelings than any drug, but I certainly am such a better person with such an unbelievably enriched life because of what all animals give me that I can’t think them enough.

If you have an animal, any animal, or know someone who does, be sure to thank the animal today for how they have opened us up to so many more people, friends and great moments than we ever could have on our own. Something about that fur (or feathers, or scales…) that folks simply can’t resist.  I think animals should be considered to be, “People Ambassadors” because they have done so much good for society.





ALL ANIMALS KNOW: Differences can still allow for true friendship

My dog and one of my cats (all were adopted) are truly best friends. The dog chases the cat, the cat hides and then jumps out at the dog, the dog “attacks” the dog, the cat runs after the dog and swats her from behind. When that is all over, they sleep, side-by-side, happy as they can be, looking to each other for security and friendship. In a world full of many different races, ethnicities and religions, humans can often have trouble seeing the good in something different.  All animals understand that true friendship and loyalty can come between any creature, so long as you give it a chance. This friendship can come even more so from shelter animals.  Often times, they seem to have a heightened sensitivity to love, comradery and companionship.  I’m always blown away by some of the hard circumstances’ animals have had, whether having been abandoned, abused or starved.  Still, it is these animals which have that innate understanding and love for all and are STILL able to give it to others. Many years ago, I had an old dog, Missy, that we had found walking down the road.  She was an absolute delight, full of love and compassion for every creature.  In her older years, I wanted to get another friend for her, but something that wouldn’t be too rough since Missy had gotten frail. In comes Poptart, a long-haired Daschund puppy mill mommy. Scared out of her mind, Poptart was afraid for every step.  Missy took her in quickly and showed her how great it could all be with an open mind and heart.  She didn’t care how scared our confused Poptart was, she just wanted to be a friend.  Those two quickly became best buddies and helped each other immensely.  I remember all that they gave each another (and me) and realize that when we forget to have opinions or attitudes, we can also provide that love and companioship for all. Both were from questionable beginnings, but they used each other to take the most out of their lives to form an unending friendship and to have as much fun as they could while they were here.  We can all use a little more of that in this world.  See the good in others, enjoy the differences and love life!