Animals: True Art for the Heart!

Just recently, I was humbled to have a wonderful artist graciously do a portrait of me and my dog, Maui.  It got me thinking about how animals are true “art for the heart”.  I absolutely consider the face of a beautiful horse to be true art, as are a group of puppies and kittens, or pictures of you playing and being incrediblyhappy with your pets. It is amazing all the different mediums and choices an artist can use to give you such emotion from what you see on the canvas, or the sculpture.  The amazing feeling that they give you in your heart, forever, is priceless.

For the portrait I was given, it was the wonderful color and expression through the simplicity of the line that got me immediately. I remember that day and time like it was yesterday and the happiness this enduring art has given me is priceless. The artist’s name is Nittaya Namrung (Nittra, for short) She is from Thailand (the wonder of the internet, bringing animals lovers together!) and she is actually in school for Molecular Biology, but she apparently is great at art, too. Her online site is: She uses watercolor and digital portraits for her mediums and I have to say, I LOVE what she gave me. Thanks, Nittra!

Interested in some other animal art that you might want to get done for yourself, or art you can fin of animals in general?  There are literally thousands of websites and options out there to get your fill of animal art.  Getting a sculpture done, or getting a commissioned portrait of you, your family and your pets is just as easy.  Simply surfing the web, you can come up with endless options to get exactly the medium, size, etc. you desire.

If you want to get your custom pet portrait painting” from Nittra, check out these sites to learn more about her and how you can get one of your own beautiful designs: and at Etsy:

EACH time you look at that painting, graphic art, or sculpture, your eyes will fill with tears because of the priceless treasure that you now have.  Animals are true “Art for the Heart”…


Three years ago, I adopted two kittens from the local county animal shelter.  They were in the same cage and similar ages, but I had no idea if they were related (they are VERY different looking and acting). So, even if I still don’t know if they are related or not, they sure do treat each other like family. By that I mean that these two can definitely go at it, just like brothers and sisters can do to each other. Still, it’s obvious that they are willing to defend and protect each other.  This is a great bond and quality we should all have and to see it from my cats reminded me how important it is for us all to protect and stick to your friends and family.

I’m very lucky to have a vet that comes to the home to take care of my cats. She came to give the cats vaccinations and their yearly exam. Frack got his vaccines and exam with no problems.  He’s the tough one (I think he is actually a dog stuck in a cat’s body! LOL).  On we went to Frick.

Frick is the pacifist.  He is a friendly, jolly fellow who DOES NOT like things like vet exams or shots.  Needless to say, Frick started screaming and crying when I “restricted” him for the shots/exam.  I mean, you would have thought we were ripping his legs off, or worse!

Well, can you believe that as I was holding poor, struggling (and wimpy) Frick, his brother ran over to me and BIT ME in the elbow!! He wasn’t doing it for any other reason than to protect his brother/buddy and to get me to release him while being examined!  I thought to myself, “You go, boy!  Way to protect your family and best buddy.” The vet and I were shocked, but completely delighted at the same time.  I mean, he was completely willing to stand up to me to help his buddy.  How cool is that?

On this same theme, there has been LOTS of chaos in the home recently, due to just having just sold the house.  It sold in two days and we have to be out in THREE weeks, so needless to say, it’s just a bit crazy here.  The cats and dogs have been put off by the strangers trampling through their home (WITHOUT their parents) and the dog won’t leave my side.  The cat’s way to cope is to stay on top of each other, comforting and supporting each other.  Again, brothers in arms! 

We all need to follow their example and protect each other, comfort each other and stay close.  Certainly, we want to kill our family and friends sometimes, but that doesn’t ever mean we won’t drop everything to protect them.