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You only want a purebred? You can STILL adopt!


I know, I know. Many of us have a soft spot in our hearts for all of the unloved and forgotten dogs (and cats, horses, etc.), BUT we really love specific breeds. Let’s face it, there are certain qualities, temperaments and “looks” we each like about specific breeds. The good news is that you can STILL get all of the qualities you want in the breed of your choice AND adopt a loving animal needing a new situation.

It isn’t uncommon for people to give away purebred animals due personal and financial situations.  Social media has been a great outlet to locate these animals often coming from very good situations.  People get “funny” about adoption because they don’t want to rehab or “fix” an animal that may have been beaten, or abused.  However, in situations like divorce, the pure-bred animals are often well-cared for and had no inhumane treatment, so all that is needed is for them to find another great home.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for on social media searching, did you know that essentially all breeds of dogs, horses, cats, and virtually ALL species have adoption sites on the wonderful internet?  In this blog, I’ll give you a few different “species examples” and shed some light on other amazing sites where you can research, locate and adopt your own pure-bred.


This is an outstanding place to start looking for the specific species and breed you want to adopt. Brought to you by Nestle/Purina, Bayer, Petco and the Petco Foundation, this site enables you to search by breed, location, sex, size, color and age.  This is a truly wonderful, non-profit adoption website that I can’t say enough about for helping to get animals adopted.


Like the beautiful Siamese cat? This is a national Siamese cat rescue and it has over twenty years’ experience getting this beautiful breed adopted.  According to the website, almost 12,000 Siamese cats have been rescued over the years.  This link also contains other links to several other Siamese Cat rescue groups. There is some very good information on the Siamese breed, as well as cat education and great tips for supporting rescues. PERSIAN AND HIMALAYAN CAT RESCUE

This site is out of California and, while they will not ship cats because they promote local adoption, this is a wonderful site for information about adopting these specific breeds.  There are many links to other adoption sites on this website.


One of my favorite breeds, the Rottweiler, has this rescue group which serves fourteen states in the southern regions.  This site has tremendous information about adoption, surrender, senior adoption, fostering, etc.  It also provides information on adoption of Rottweilers outside of these states, so you can find much information if you are looking to adopt this breed here. GSP RESCUE NEW ENGLAND

What if you live farther north?  Like the German Shorthaired Pointer as much as I do?  Find your forever friend here!  Another wonderful site to locate exactly the right dog in all of the New England states for you and your family, or just to help foster, volunteer, etc.  As the other sites do, information is given on a variety of subjects regarding adoption, surrender and the breed, in general.


How about adopting my favorite horse breed, the Thoroughbred?  This site is just one of MANY adoption and rehoming sites featuring the wonderful and useful Thoroughbred.  Honestly, I could spend (and probably will at some point) an entire blog just on Thoroughbred adoptions, but this site is a great place start.  You can also be sure to find TB adoption sites in almost every state, so local adoption is generally no trouble at all! RE-RIDE QUARTER HORSE ADOPTION

This is a site specific to the Quarter Horse breed. Located in Ohio, this site also has a Facebook page: According to the site, Quarter Horse Adoption Program provides homes for unwanted or displace registered Quarter Horses. The horses in our program have become displaced for a variety of reasons, some are abused, neglected or unwanted while others are former show horses with owners taking the responsibility to place the horses that have been their show partners in a program where they can once again guide another to their first championship.  Our program focuses on giving back to the horses that we love as well as the community and features such programs as the Riding Thru It Program for patients undergoing treatment for cancer. GENTLE GIANTS DRAFT HORSE RESCUE

Who doesn’t love a great big draft horse? Or how about a smaller, mixed draft breed? One of my favorite cross-bred types is a TB/draft cross. They make the BEST fox hunting horses and are as comfortable as a couch to ride!  This site has many cross and full-bred drafts available for light riding. Also on Facebook, they are a great place to go looking for your “gentle giant” best friend.

Certainly not an exhaustive list by any means, this blog is merely the tip of a LARGE iceberg of sites dedicated to giving many wonderful and loving animals the needed respect and love that they deserve.  So, if you are thinking about getting ANY purebred animal for your home, PLEASE consider adopting that purebred. You can find puppies, young adults and seniors that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle AND be exactly the breed you want, too!  Take a look and let me know of any other great information out there to try and help our furry and feathery friends!


Great Pet Care Information: This Blog: PETFINDER.COM

UNBRANDED:Four men and sixteen mustangs on an epic 3,000-mile journey

Looking for some help with adopting a dog, cat, horse, bird, rabbit, or some other new best friend? Not sure where to go, or where to start?

I’ve decided to help spread information about adoption, create awareness and just help get the word out, so I’ll feature a blog series that focuses on a different agency, organization, etc. to help spread the word.  I’ll review the site, give great tips and links for each and just try to help be a centralized location for all thing’s adoption. Keep coming back to learn more!

This blog focuses on A national site, it almost completely
consists of animal-care professionals and volunteers from local animal welfare organizations. They work to maintain active/accurate homeless pet lists.
As stated on their website, it is a, “searchable database of animals who need homes. It is also a directory of nearly 11,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Organizations maintain their own home pages and available-pet databases.’ The following blogs are some key pages which you will (hopefully) find helpful: – Pet-Adoption FAQs A great main page to head you in many helpful areas. – Pet Care Page: Information on MANY species, tips on how to properly care for them and make their life the best: 

PetFinder: Adoption page: A super, centralized page on all things adoption. MANY different species education and in formation can be found here: – Animal Shelters & Rescues for Pet Adoption page: This page educates on fostering animals, starting your own pet organization and volunteering at shelters – Helping Pets: A super page that gives all sorts of ways to help out animals.  Information on Petfinder Foundations, promoting adoptable pets, finding rescues and shelters to adopt, puppy mills and more!

Hopefully, this will help you to get some great information on Certainly, it is just one of the many, amazing organizations out there working to help care for and benefit adoptable animals. As mentioned, keep coming back to this site to get more wonderful information about ALL pets (horses, dogs, cats, reptiles, rabbits, birds…), how to better care for them and information on adoption.

PET WORLD: My Animal Rescue


Before You Were Mine-A child’s view on pet adoption

HORSES/Think Ahead

It’s Saturday morning and raining, which is depressing since I wanted to ride today. I truly love the horse, that incredible partnership and friendship that I have now, and have had in the past, with those essentially perfect animals.  When I think of all of the truly fun, happy, tough and sometimes painful moments (ouch!) that I have been through with them and how much value they have brought to me, I just feel so appreciative and grateful.

Horses have taught me many things.  One of my favorites (and most useful) is the art of planning and seeing ahead. They have definitely taught me to think ahead! Because of them, I know it’s more important not to look at what you have right at that moment, but to see where you’re going to have something five and 10 steps ahead.

I suppose children are the same way, but since I have only had the four-legged, hairy varieties to teach me, I can only speak to them. Still, I think of all the times when I was younger and how I DID NOT think ahead.  The pain and problems it caused me, well, let’s just say that pain has been a great teacher. 😊

What has “thinking ahead to the finish line” given to me? What is the benefit, you ask? 

Proper Planning Prevents Problems… the four P’s

Think about it, it’s just like if you want a great harvest. You have to think ahead, plant the seeds (of food, of growth, of mental/emotional development, for success in anything), tend to the garden and be patient and persistent.  The outcome can either be a beautiful, delicious fruit, vegetable or flower, or rotten, scrawny, pathetic plants that probably don’t even bear fruit or flower.  Remember, if the other outcome is to NOT plan, manage and think ahead, what does that give you?  Essentially, A DISASTER.  You know.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…😊

That’s what I learned from horses.  To have beautiful, incredible, loving and trusting friendships and partnerships with a horse, you MUST plant the seeds way back in order to achieve this outcome.  This lesson is something I use over and over again each day.  I am so grateful to have been “enlightened” in such a funny, entertaining, although somewhat painful way (LOL) by horses in this way. 

It’s been a game changer when ever I have decisions to try and make right for the “long-term”.  And believe me, pain comes in ALL areas of your life when you don’t think ahead! Business success, health, relationships, everything. So, thanks to the horses, who have been my teachers, best friends,” siblings” that I can’t stand and most truly and purely good time buddies.  I’ll try to remember to keep thinking ahead…

HORSES: Get Out and Play!!

Ok, so I have lived in Virginia for the past two+, after 21 years in beautiful, sunny and WARM Florida. I miss the heat, but VA is a very sunny, beautiful state, so with MANY layers I have been able to prevail. The really cool thing is that last year I started fox hunting and have gone out several times over some of the most amazing and picturesque countryside imaginable. Truly, the gorgeous farms, horses and hounds, the rolling hills and sunny days made fox hunting on cool and sunny days some of the most beautiful and fun days for me. (And the post-hunt breakfast was always great, too)😊

One of the best gifts that horses have given me and helped to instill is my love for the outdoors.   Think about it, when we go to all of these “theme parks”, we often go to “made up worlds” that only try to do as good a job as nature does herself.  Humans fail miserably, but we do try our best to mimic all the beauty and pure joy that nature makes each day. Who doesn’t love being outside, with a nice, warming sun on your back to keep you happy as you are riding down the road, boating, playing outside with your kids, or friends, or whatever?

My old mare, Tess, loved that sun.  She would be out in August, laying in a sand pit, just soaking up the sun, happy as could be. I used to love to get her on those days. Seeing her “sunning herself”, then watching her get up when I called her name, give me her typical “little winnie” to say hello, pee, (yes, this was always part of the routine) and then canter up say hello used to just make me smile.

Horses and dogs, too, really make us all appreciate the outside.  I mean, we HAVE to get outside to truly enjoy them, play with them and just have fun.  Certainly, I do NOT like riding in the rain, mucking too many stalls or shoveling snow, but I just love the fact that I get to be outside so much because of them.  And, when the weather is good, it truly is a gift. 

Some of the most fun stuff in the world is riding outside on a beautiful day, cantering along, seeing beautiful fall leaves, a wonderful countryside, or enjoying the sun on your back.  It used to be a real treat for me when my old dog, Butthead, used to come on all my trail rides with me.  We would have a blast galloping up and down hills, jumping over any logs or stuff in our way.  Just think of how fit we both were getting AND we were having the time of our lives!

It drives me nuts today that all kids want to do is play video games and be on their phones.  It’s like they don’t even notice that the outdoor exists!  I worry so much about how this world will be in the future, now that kids don’t just get out and play and use their bodies anymore.  So, please take some great advice from horses (and our other furry friends). Get out and play with your pets, or kids, enjoy the sun, or the fall, or whatever.   Just have fun!! 


Three years ago, I adopted two kittens from the local county animal shelter.  They were in the same cage and similar ages, but I had no idea if they were related (they are VERY different looking and acting). So, even if I still don’t know if they are related or not, they sure do treat each other like family. By that I mean that these two can definitely go at it, just like brothers and sisters can do to each other. Still, it’s obvious that they are willing to defend and protect each other.  This is a great bond and quality we should all have and to see it from my cats reminded me how important it is for us all to protect and stick to your friends and family.

I’m very lucky to have a vet that comes to the home to take care of my cats. She came to give the cats vaccinations and their yearly exam. Frack got his vaccines and exam with no problems.  He’s the tough one (I think he is actually a dog stuck in a cat’s body! LOL).  On we went to Frick.

Frick is the pacifist.  He is a friendly, jolly fellow who DOES NOT like things like vet exams or shots.  Needless to say, Frick started screaming and crying when I “restricted” him for the shots/exam.  I mean, you would have thought we were ripping his legs off, or worse!

Well, can you believe that as I was holding poor, struggling (and wimpy) Frick, his brother ran over to me and BIT ME in the elbow!! He wasn’t doing it for any other reason than to protect his brother/buddy and to get me to release him while being examined!  I thought to myself, “You go, boy!  Way to protect your family and best buddy.” The vet and I were shocked, but completely delighted at the same time.  I mean, he was completely willing to stand up to me to help his buddy.  How cool is that?

On this same theme, there has been LOTS of chaos in the home recently, due to just having just sold the house.  It sold in two days and we have to be out in THREE weeks, so needless to say, it’s just a bit crazy here.  The cats and dogs have been put off by the strangers trampling through their home (WITHOUT their parents) and the dog won’t leave my side.  The cat’s way to cope is to stay on top of each other, comforting and supporting each other.  Again, brothers in arms! 

We all need to follow their example and protect each other, comfort each other and stay close.  Certainly, we want to kill our family and friends sometimes, but that doesn’t ever mean we won’t drop everything to protect them.

DOGS: Keep Going and Enjoy!

My old dog Butthead (yes, that was his name-I didn’t give him the name, but if you knew the dog, you couldn’t change the name! LOL) was a puppy mill puppy that a woman bought from a mall pet store because she loved Springer Spaniels and she had the means to do so. She frequently bought Spaniels in pet stores and then gave them away because she wanted them to have a great life.

First, she gave him to a blacksmith, who tried him as a bird dog (which didn’t go well 😊), so he gave the dog away to my former boss. When my boss was leaving his job and I was taking over for him, I loved Butthead SOOOO much that when my boss was leaving, he told me he was moving to somewhere he couldn’t keep the dog, so he asked if I wanted him? Enter my first dog as an adult. I can tell you, even though I was now his forth owner, that he was the BEST friend and BEST dog I ever had (and may ever have).

Butthead was so fun and so cool, you couldn’t help but love him to pieces. His happiness and love for life were so infectious. I even used to take him to senior homes as a volunteer to brighten older citizens days to cheer them up. He would march into each room and announce to every person he saw that life was amazing and weren’t we all just lucky for something so fun?  Certainly, he brightened the life of everyone he saw.

Now, Butthead had everything going against him. Being a puppy-mill puppy, he was terribly bred, meaning he had every problem imaginable. Again, I was his FORTH owner, plus he had grade four out of grade five hip dysplasia, horrible skin allergies and he also had to have three (yes three) cruciate ligament surgeries.  Still, that dog got up EVERY day and looked at me with the biggest toothy grin and said, “today is the best day ever! What are we going to do to make it even more awesome!!?”

It was his amazing attitude and love for life that got me through some of the darkest times of my life. And I do mean dark… I would look at him each day and wonder how he could possibly have such an amazing zest for life? At a time when everything seemed all wrong for me, when I had thoughts of not going on myself, I used to look at him and think, “How can you go on and be so damn happy when everything is against you?” 

FORTUNATELY, he made me realize that if HE could keep going and be that happy, that I could, too!  That dog truly taught me one of the best lessons I ever received.  He gave me a drive to keep going on and keep trying my best, like no one else could.  I still think of him often and know I owe him everything.  When I spread his ashes this year over his old running grounds (he used to trail ride with me for hours in NY, having the time of his life!)  I cry with joy now just remembering how lucky I was for him and how much he gave to me.

Dogs are simply the best that way.  They know that no matter how bad you think you have it, life can still be amazing and fun and wonderful, so WHY NOT smile and enjoy?  His gift, and the gift of all dogs, is to keep on going each day.  We are all really lucky for those furry best buddies, no matter how they come into our lives!

HORSES: Patience and Appreciation

I lived in Ocala, Fl for 21 years and I’m in back for work obligations. Depending on who you speak with, it is, “Horse Capital of the World”. That may, or may not be true, but horses are everywhere around. It’s why I moved to Ocala originally and lived in the town for so long.

A life-long horse nut, I have been incredibly fortunate to have been around some of the best and most incredible horses and their riders, trainers and caregivers. Superior horsemen have been incredibly generous in teaching me smart and life-long skills to keep these animals at their peak and as happy as possible, which can be very hard in the tough world of serious showing (or racing, or any top-level horse competition). Being back here reminds me how much horses have given to me and taught me. Horses are actually why I started this blog.

The patience and overly abundant tolerance that horses give to humans is something that I never get past. I mean, how would you like someone hopping on your back, kicking you in the belly and insisting that they “jump this” and “run around this track”, or “race around this stupid barrel”? What human would put up with that foolishness? Still, horses just do. Certainly, their nature is to be passive and tolerant and essentially “do as told”, but what they give us, the patience they show us as we make mistake after mistake is mind-boggling. 

I’ve always considered myself so lucky to have been able to be continually given that patience and unbelievable tolerance by the horses I’ve been around.  Even to have “fixed” horses that came from very bad situations and to see their ability to come back and love, just as before.  Such patience and tolerance…unreal.

Humans should try a little of this with themselves, each other and other species.  Just think how much better EVERYTHING would be for all if we tried to learn a little from horses.  Patience and tolerance.  Rare, but incredible valuable gifts for us all to practice to all animals and each other.